Frequently Asked Question

General questions


Is there an upper age limit for joining?

No, however membership does become more expensive with age. Other companies may have an age limit.

Once I’ve joined, will you stop my cover after a certain age?

No, you’ll be covered as long as you pay your subscription. Up till 120 or death . This may not be the case with other companies.

If I fall ill and claim a lot, will the insurer cancel my membership or charge me more?

No, your membership won’t be cancelled because of high claims, neither will it cost you more. You will not be penalized

Do I have to have a medical check up to join?

No, it’s normally sufficient to give details of your medical history on your application form.

How long will it be before I am covered?

You will be covered from the date on your application form.

I have an existing illness; will the insurer still accept me?

You may still join; however it’s likely that your existing illness would not be covered if there is a continuing need for treatment. We recommend that you apply so we can advise you of the terms.

I want to cover my family. Do I need to make a separate application for each person?

A single application form may be used. However if you want different levels of cover for different family members you should make separate applications.

What hours are we open for our members to call us?

The Customer Service Centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are not outsourced to third parties at any time and our employees handle all calls.


Regarding Transfer of Membership


My company is already with the insurer, and I am leaving the company, can I continue my cover and am I subject to new underwriting requirements?

Company leavers may transfer to our individual Lifeline scheme. If the following criteria are met, and we do not need to underwrite the member again provided:
– There is no break in cover for the transfer. The benefit levels between the company and individual schemes transferred are similar.

I’m already a member in the UK. Does this make any difference?

Provided there’s no break between your UK cover and joining International cover, any existing conditions covered by UK membership will continue to be covered under the new cover. However the benefit levels offer by us to UK members will be similar. Please note that any upgrade will require fresh submission of health declaration and acceptance by underwriter.

**** Tailor-made options are only available on certain schemes. Please contact us for more information. It’s easy to transfer your plan – complete our online form and we will call you back..


On Claims


What is the average number of days required to process a claim?

We aim to process at least 90% of all clean claims within 7 working days.

Can the insurer reimburse members on their claims, electronically?

Yes, members can be reimbursed electronically for their claims. The claim is processed in the usual way and the claims cycle will indicate that the claim is to be paid electronically.


On The Insurer


How extensive is the group?

Local communities, businesses and expatriates throughout the world put their trust in us. We have nearly eight million members in 190 countries, with business operations in seven other countries.