Bupa International Insurance Packages (Singapore)


  • Worldwide Health Option
    Worldwide Health Option
    Worldwide Health Options is an expandable plan that includes our core cover as standard. This gives you the reassurance of covering essential hospital treatment, whether in an emergency or a planned visit.
  • Company Healthcare Plans
    Company Healthcare Plans
    Your employees and their families need the reassurance that wherever they are in the world and whatever happens, they can rely on receiving assistance to obtain prompt access to expert medical treatment and care.
  • Maritime Healthcare Plan
    Maritime Healthcare Plan
    The Maritime healthcare plan offers health insurance for crews of there or more, ensuring they have access to the best possible healthcare available.
  • Lifeline Healthcare Plan
    Lifeline Healthcare Plan
    The Lifeline plan has three levels of cover-Essential, Classic and Gold-as well as options for extra international assistance and a choice of deductibles.
  • Oil and Gas Scheme
    Oil and Gas Scheme
    Ensures that the people critical to your business can have access to world class medical expertise wherever they live or work.
  • International School Plans
    International School Plans
    ECIS (European Council of International Schools) plan has been designed with you as a teacher (or your teaching staff) in mind and provides you cover for appropriate international healthcare.

The world today is one that changes fast and we do not want to live with the risk of the ever-rising medical cost.

Juscall Inc. is here to assist you, so that you can live with the peace of mind, bringing you international health insurance which gives you high-level protection, whether you are a local or expatriate. We offer top-notched multi-lingual customer support  and bringing you the access to the thousands of medical facilities and specialists worldwide. Bupa has a passion is assisting individuals live a lengthier, healthier and more joyful lives. Bupa International have no shareholders to please, which enables them to have the resources to focus on their members and further investing their profits to improve the medical care for their present and future clients.

Bupa also have no constraints in keeping up with putting their members in the context of this modern days we live in. Being service oriented,  Bupa relies heavily on the staff and partners, and realise the importance of being a place where people love to work. With the combination of strong management, Bupa International delivers the optimum performance.

Individual Bupa Plans

Bupa health insurance plans for individuals and families.
> Worldwide Health Options
   Flexible worldwide cover to suit your needs.
> Lifeline Healthcare Plan
   Traditional worldwide healthcare plans.
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Group Bupa Plans

Bupa health insurance plans to suit your organisation.
> Company Plans
   Four levels of cover to choose from.
> Oil and Gas Plans
   Cover people critical to you, wherever they are.
> Maritime Plans
   International healthcare for you and crew, wherever you are.
> International School Plans
   Concessionary rates exclusive to International Schools.